Getting The Locks Replaced On Jamie’s Birthday

Jamie's Birthday CakeIt was Jamie’s birthday. We were all enjoying the party along with all of Jamie’s friends and everything was going great. We decided to celebrate the birthday party at the nearby mall. All the tiny tots were looking very cute.

I was also enjoying my drink along with some of the other moms.

The party went on for some hours and we were all exhausted at the end of the day. And so we packed up our bags and headed home. I had a feeling that I missed something.

When we reached home, Jamie was very tired and just wanted to go into the house and sleep.

The food at the mall was really great and we were all filled up. So, I started searching my bag for the keys. I kept looking for the keys but I was not able to locate them.

I used to keep my keys in a small purse along with one of my ID. That small purse was missing. I started to think and then I remembered that I took that purse out of my bag to take out one of the gifts I brought for Jamie’s friends and then left that purse on the counter.

For such reasons, I always have kept a spare key with my neighbours. So I took that spare key from the neighbours, who were thankfully at home at that time, and we went into our apartment.

Next day, I went back to that mall to get my purse back but the attendant there told me that they did not find anything. So, it was lost.

I had a feeling that something bad will happen as the person who found my purse not only had my home address but also the key to the house.

A few days passed by and I forgot about this.

Then, I read about this incident of robbery in the local newspaper. An apartment in a building just a few blocks away from my building was robbed in broad daylight. The couple told the cops that they had lost their keys along with the address to their house at someplace.

One fine day, when they returned from work late in the in the night, they found their house robbed. They’d never thought of changing the locks of their apartment.

I was shocked. I reckoned that this could happen to anyone.

So, I decided to get my locks replaced. I went online and started searching for a locksmith for getting locks replaced in Atlanta. I have been living in Atlanta for the past two years but have never felt the need to get the services of a locksmith.

This was my first time dealing with a locksmith.

I checked with a couple of my friends and some of the colleagues at office and one of them recommended me this guy, Jack.

Jack had been working in this friends building and has recently replaced the locks in his apartment.

I spoke to Jack right away and told him about getting the locks replaced.

Jack collected some details from me and gave me an estimated quote on the phone. I said yes and he arrived in the evening.

The lock changing took just a few hours and Jack ensured that the doors were getting locked properly and the locks would fit perfectly.

Next day, I gave the spare key of the new locks to our neighbours and went to work without any worries.